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Shopping guide

Shopping guide

All goods listed above are of origin, warranty duration (if applicable), the unit responsible for the warranty, brand etc. originating goods price, promotional price time promotions and promotional content your customers proposal carefully considered the information listed to ensure getting full and accurate information and the incentives to purchase products

Shopping guide

Step 1: Customers view the product on

You login (optional) to the system to account for the full enjoyment services, promotions and features of the website. View and select products available

Step 2: How to buy products

On the product detail page, you select the product and the quantity and click "Add to Cart". Then click "Cart" to see the entire order, the total cost of your orders.

Click on "Checkout".  You will be transferred to the order information page.  Please provide your contact details and delivery information.  We will call you back after you place an order for authentication information.

Step 3: Shipment to the customer's address

Complete the order process. After confirming the information, we will ship to the address you have registered in the buying process.


- If you do not want to order via the website, you can order by calling 01202188143
- After ordering through the website, we will send a confirmation email and if you have an account you can continuously monitor the status of their order (ready certification, has been moved, finished ...)

- When you receive the product please check the condition before accepting.

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