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Payment Guide

I. Payment by bank transfer

With this form of payment, after you complete the steps to register on the website, you  transfer the money to my account by one of the following methods. Then you scan the bank remittance certificate and email to or call 01202188143 to confirm the payment. We will deliver the product to you as soon as possible after confirming your payment completion.


Please specify the content of payment in a bank deposit slip for how much of the contract so that we can automatically confirm payment.
I will not be responsible when you fund your account by mistake or not recorded on the website of

List of bank payments via bank transfer:

2. Direct Payment Methods

Payment on delivery

* Shipping Method - Pay cash on delivery only applies to areas of Ho Chi Minh Affairs, I support a free delivery (before receiving payment).

- With the remote client would form COD deliveries of mail or after you've paid your bill via bank transfer, I ship via courier service.

- Please leave a name, address, place of taking specific and contact telephone number.

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